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The Electric Transformer Story is a biography of the electric transformer invention, from the scientific and technical legacy of the first industrial revolution, to the faces and events that shaped its trajectory.

To learn more about the chronological and geographical background of the device invention that permeates the complex network of the history of electricity and science, to get to know about the role of patents, publications and exhibit encounters, browse the visual history collections

The missing link for low-cost transmission of electricity over long distances, the use of electric transformer has opened a new chapter in the development not only of science but industrial and technological advancement, and everyday life of ordinary people. The whole 20th century could be explored as an exciting era of its evolution, through numerous and diverse changes of the design, materials and application. The story of its discovery, however, was written over the last decades of the 19th century. Taking place in very different geographic, economic, political and cultural circumstances, it was shaped by many elements beyond the circulation of scientific and technical knowledge, from the role of places and exhibitions in reaching the general public, to intriguing life stories and innovative, visionary entrepreneurship.  

Combining different types of sources to communicate and interact with the audience, the electric transformer story project has been brought with a hope not just to offer information, but to inspire the audience to bring new questions to the research in this field. Moreover, it is its aim to encourage people to actively participate in sharing the memory about the technology (and the people behind) that has largely shaped the world we inhabit today.